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All rights, including copyright, in the content of these web pages are owned or controlled for these purposes by Fantaysia Ltd.

Fantaysia will instigate proceedings against any person(s) or company found to be using our images.

All Fantaysia Ltd props and tents are solely for the use by Fantaysia Ltd as part of events we organise, we do not provide dry hire unless we are present at the event,

Fantaysia Ltd is the only company in the UK supplying such a total service; our events and presentation of Medieval Themes are unique. Our service is bespoke and therefore any of our images found ‘off site’ have been taken without permission, as Fantaysia Ltd will not allow images to be passed off.

Passing off is a legal term whereby someone uses the images of another to imply that they either have supplied that event or service, or are able to supply that event or service. This also includes inferring that they were involved in the set up of the event or service.

Occasionally, those who do provide services to Fantaysia Ltd may provide their own promotional images of their part in the event, but this must be presented in such a way that no inference can be drawn.

Legal Note

All top table designs are the initial design and concept of Valerie Rowe Hartley and are registered and patented designs of Fantaysia Ltd and are not to be reproduced or copied in any shape or form as this will result in legal proceedings.

These are an integral part of the Medieval Theme Service we provide and we are the only company who uses these as a visual mark of what we provide regarding the Medieval Themes.

Our ideas are unique and you saw them here first.

If you see another company using our images to promote themselves, ask yourself why they are not using images of their own events. Always ask for images of their events and seek references from previous clients.

Fantaysia Ltd has been established for 14 years in the UK and we pride ourselves on the professional service we provide. We have a vast amount of original images and numerous testimonials from satisfied customers.

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