Fantaysia can now offer you the service of adding a prestigious title before your name. completing forms on this site and
you are on your way to becoming a member of a privileged group of people.  People who stand out from the crowd - people with confidence and bearing - people with a 'Title in front of their name'.  

Ask yourself, does Mr. Joe Field leave the same impression or convey the same importance of presence as Lord Joseph Field? These titles are 100% genuine and are legal documents.

By acquiring and using a Title you might well find yourself being treated very differently by the people with whom you come into contact in all aspects of social and commercial interaction. 
  • When making reservations at the theatre for example you may find you are offered the best seats  - and in restaurants the best table may well be reserved for your exclusive use

  • Aboard ship, look forward to being invited to dine at the Captain's Table.

  • Imagine the difference in the attitude of Hotel staff - anywhere in the world - were you to sign in, not as Mr & Mrs but as Lord & Lady?

Likewise you may find a dramatic difference in peoples' attitude in the world of business - where your Title will help give you instant credibility and personal prestige.  

It is no accident that many companies pay Titled People huge retainers to sit on their company's Board of Directors.  These companies pay these Titled People for the privilege of using their name and Title upon company literature and in advertising.........because they know the prestige given to their company by the proverbial  - Lord on the Board. 

  Male Line Female Line

Lord Lady
Duke Duchess
Marquess Marchioness
Earl Countess
Viscount Viscountess
Baron Baroness or Lady *
Baronet Lady
Sir Dame or Lady *

*Baroness & Dame are Titles in their own right whereas the wife of a Baron or Knight (Sir) would have the Title Lady.

Acquiring your title could not be easier - simply print and complete the Application for Life Title form and return this to us along with your payment.  The Application for Title form not only gives us the information needed but it also gives us the authority to act on your behalf in preparing and submitting the relative title documentation for registration.

Following submission and registration - which takes about 18 days - the registered title documentation will be returned to you - following which, all that remains is for you to sign this documentation with your signature being witnessed by a friend or colleague.   

We enclose, with your title documentation, guidelines detailing how to change your legal and personal documents to include your new title.

If a complementary title is required - Lady (to Lord) for example - then the Second Application must also be completed.

If that's not enough for you we can also offer you a Seated Title which comes with its own land.!

Whilst the Life Titles of Lord & Lady or perhaps Earl & Countess are clearly prestigious titles in their own right  - Seated Titles are far superior still in as much as they include therewith a Named area of Land.  

Importantly, this means that, were our Mr. & Mrs. Joe Field, for example, having decided upon the titles Lord & Lady, to purchase the Land Parcel of Westminster, then, not only would they become Lord & Lady Field but they they would legally be entitled to call themselves and be known as - 

Lord & Lady Field of Westminster 

- thus enjoying all the social and commercial advantages such a prestigious title might clearly bring.

You will legally acquire the Titles and a Named area of Land - belonging to the estate of Lady Sarah Helen Leeder of Dartmouth - by way of land purchase.  We would make clear however, that it is the titles themselves that are of significance here with the land itself being of no great importance per se it being but a token area of Lady Sarah's estate.

However, all legal requirements for the preparation of Deeds and the Transfer of Ownership of the land must be strictly adhered to and so, in addition to your title documentation you, the new Titled Land Owner, will receive a UK Government Land Registry Certificate - issued by Her Majesty's Land Registry - Guaranteeing ownership of the land and showing thereon your new Titles and naming your Land Parcel.

 The Land and Titles can be given away or indeed resold  - thus making for a good potential investment.  In the event of your death the Land and Titles would now form part of your estate and so can be left to an heir.

Choosing your Title and Land name - With a Seated Title there two things you have to decide upon...Your Title and the Name of Your Land.

You can choose any name you wish for your Land Parcel.  You may decide upon a well known and prestigious name such as Mayfair, Westminster, Sterling or York.  Or perhaps you would prefer the place of your birth or the town or city where you now live.  You might thus become:

  • Lord & Lady Yourname of Westminster.

  • Earl & Countess Yourname of Warwick.

  • Baron & Lady Yourname of YourHomeTown.

  • Lord & Lady Yourname ....Lord & Lady of the Manor of Wherever.

...or whatever other Title and Land Name you decide upon.

Importantly; whichever personal Title and Land Name you choose both will be Registered and both will appear upon the resultant Land Registry Certificate.


Seated Titles have but a single, all inclusive fee of 875. Therefore for the title of Lord alone or for the complimentary Titles of Lord & Lady the fee remains the same.  

Moreover, with Seated Titles up to Four Persons in total can be named upon the Land Registry Certificate as Joint Purchasers. 

Importantly this means that if, for example, our Mr. & Mrs. Field were to decide upon the titles of Lord & Lady and to purchase the Land Parcel of Westminster, then not only could they now call themselves and be known as Lord & Lady Field of Westminster but their sons John and James could also hold the titles of Lord John Field of Westminster and Lord James Field of Westminster - all with but a single payment of 875.

Additional Cost for Expedited Registration if required.

Registration of Seated Titles takes some 8 - 10 weeks to complete.  However, the Registration can be Expedited which gives the Registration Priority at the Land Registry.  Expedited Registrations take some 2 - 3 weeks to complete.  There is an additional fee of 120 for Expedited Registrations, if required, bringing the total cost for Expedited Registrations to 995.  Should you require an Expedited Registration then please remember to indicate this on the Seated Title Application form.

Limitations - In common with Life Titles as bestowed by the Crown - your title will last your lifetime but is none inheritable and can not be passed on to an heir. There are no additional legal privileges, with any benefits or advantages being purely social or commercial....and yes !  I am afraid you still have to pay your taxes.

We accept the following online payment methods for Life Titles as well as Personal Cheques and Bankers Drafts.



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